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Care by Design

NHC JOUrnal | Nov. 25, 2022

New Stores & Long-Lasting Partner Brands We love

Welcome to another edition of the NHC Journal, highlighting what’s new In our family of Central Coast cannabis dispensaries.

This week we’re highlighting brands with purpose, from wellness-based cannabis products to a company dedicated to helping veterans through California cannabis growing.


Care by Design
News, drops, & staff picks

We love brands with purpose, and this week’s NHC Pick definitely fits the bill.

Care by Design is a California cannabis-based wellness brand founded in 2014. Their mission? Operating with the highest level of integrity and making innovative products that really work. They provide science-backed relief and self-care to our customers with a range of products, using pioneering CBD to THC ratios backed by deep research.

Care by Design’s cutting-edge extraction process makes them one of the most innovative cannabis companies in California, preserving and concentrating the widest range of bioactive cannabis compounds like terpenes, cannabinoids, cannabinoid acids, and flavonoids.

The result is a brand we’re proud to stock on our shelves.

Shop for Care by Design at your local Central Coast cannabis dispensary.



If you aren’t subscribed to the Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series, you’re seriously missing out. Every month we host cannabis webinars on a range of topics relating to cannabis, from its health benefits and responsible use to social justice issues relating to cannabis incarceration.

We’re particularly proud of one of our November events, a webinar featuring Bryan Buckley— a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient who operates the Hemland Valley Growers Company. This special cannabis brand for veterans brings hope through the beneficial properties of cannabis, and we were so honored to have him on our channel. Watch the entire recorded cannabis webinar here.


Bryan Buckley

The NHC community is growing! Our Turlock location is well underway and will be opening soon, offering a large & expertly staffed Modesto cannabis dispensary for both Turlock residents and the surrounding area.

What can you expect from our Turlock cannabis dispensary? Everything you’ve come to love about our existing stores. Wide selection, great value, and a team of expert budtenders ready and waiting to help you with any and all questions.


We can’t wait for your to see the new shop!


NHC Turlock cannabis dispensary

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