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weed when you're sick

Should You Smoke Weed When You’re Sick?

Greetings from the Natural Healing Center Grover Beach dispensary! As a beloved recreational cannabis dispensary offering everything from flower and prerolls to cannabis concentrates, we’re here to answer all your weed-related questions.

The age-old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” doesn’t quite apply to marijuana, yet for centuries, this plant has been used for medicinal purposes. The question many face today, especially as cannabis gains broader acceptance, is: “Can or should you use weed when you’re sick?” Here, we dive into the potential pros and cons to provide a clearer perspective.

Should You Use Weed When You’re Sick?

No one can definitely say whether using cannabis when you’re sick is right for you personally. But here are some things to consider when making your decision.

weed when you're sick

Pros of Using Weed When you’re Sick

Pain Relief: One of the most well-documented benefits of cannabis is its ability to alleviate pain. For individuals experiencing discomfort or aches due to sickness, medical marijuana can provide relief. NHC carries a wide variety of products that focus on pain relief. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Some strains of cannabis, particularly those high in CBD, have been shown to reduce inflammation. This can be beneficial for illnesses that involve inflammation, like certain types of arthritis or even the common cold.

Appetite Stimulation: Certain illnesses or medications can reduce appetite. Cannabis has been known to induce hunger, potentially aiding in ensuring that the patient continues to nourish their body during illness.

Mood Elevation: Being sick can often lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. The endocannabinoid compounds in weed can help in stabilizing moods.

Cons of Using Weed When You’re Sick

Respiratory Concerns: Smoking or vaping cannabis when dealing with respiratory issues (like bronchitis or the flu) can exacerbate symptoms. In such cases, edibles or tinctures may be a safer route.

Interaction with Medications: THC and CBD can interfere with certain medications, potentially reducing their efficacy or increasing side effects. Always consult with a healthcare professional before combining cannabis with other medicines.

Mental Fog: While some find relief from symptoms like anxiety or insomnia with cannabis, others might experience paranoia, increased anxiety, or cognitive difficulties.

Immune System Interactions: The interaction between cannabis and the immune system is still under research. While some studies suggest cannabis can boost the immune response, others indicate potential suppression.

Listen to Your Body

Ultimately, the best gauge is to listen to your body. Every individual reacts differently to cannabis. Start with smaller doses and see how you feel. If you experience relief from symptoms without adverse side effects, it may be beneficial for you. If not, it might be best to abstain until you’re feeling better.

Professional Support is Critical

Before using cannabis when sick, especially if you’re considering it for a chronic or severe illness, it’s vital to consult with a healthcare professional. They can provide insights into potential interactions, risks, and dosage recommendations.


The use of cannabis when sick can be a double-edged sword. While many find relief from certain symptoms, there are potential risks involved. By weighing the pros and cons, and by consulting with professionals, individuals can make informed decisions about whether or not to incorporate cannabis into their recovery routine. informed, motivating choices together!

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