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NHC Journal | Nov. 14, 2022

NHC JOUrnal | Nov. 14, 2022

keeping you up-to-date on our store, community, and partners

Welcome to the first-ever edition of the NHC Journal, a twice-a-month update on what’s been going on at our family of Central Coast cannabis dispensaries, our local community, and our favorite partner brands.

This week’s update is filled with exciting news, from our brand-new California cannabis rewards program to our recommendation for the best place to learn about what’s happening in the world of cannabis.


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The big news this month is the total overhaul of our cannabis rewards program, giving you more reasons than ever to be a loyalty member and shop at NHC. 

By partnering with Friends of the Farm, California’s favorite cannabis loyalty app, we’re able to bring you all the discounts, rewards, and exclusive offers straight to your mobile device.

We’re also unveiling brand new rewards tiers, regularly updated with our hottest brands and promo products. Members receive 1 reward point for every dollar spent at any of our locations (and any locations of other California cannabis dispensaries who use Friends of the Farm.

Here’s a rundown of our current offers available only to loyalty members:

150 Points: Select 1g Flower for $1

300 Points: Select Gummy for $1

300 Points: $20 Off Any Purchase of $75+

350 Points: Select 3.5g Flower for $1

650 Points: 1g Distillate Vape for $1

725 Points: $50 Off Any Purchase of $100+

850 Points: NHC Liquid Diamond Vape & Babies 2pk for $1ea.

1,000 Points: Select 28g Flower for $1

Plus, you get $10 off your next purchase just for signing up. Get the app and start earning rewards today!

Our new loyalty program Friends of the Farm also partners with a family of California cannabis dispensaries you may know: the Farmacy California cannabis dispensaries, with locations in Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Santa Ana.

The Farmacy regularly hosts a series of cannabis webinars called the Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series, featuring experts on everything from healthy cannabis use to responsible ways to dispose of cannabis waste.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and be on the lookout for future webinars to become a more educated and informed consumer.

Cannabinoids and the Brain, a recent cannabis webinar
We’re proud to be a part of the nationwide community of dispensaries serving people from all backgrounds looking for wellness and recreation. That’s why it was such an honor to be nominated for the Best of Weedmaps 2022 awards. Thank you for always supporting us in our mission to make Central coast cannabis accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. We’re grateful to all of you and hope to keep serving you for years to come.
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